Q&A With Christine Bangar, Engagement Manager

October 21, 2022

Q: Can you tell us about your professional background and what brought you to Inside Talent?

A few years after graduating from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, I landed back on campus at the University of Minnesota Foundation where I started my career in Marketing & Communications and Human Resources. My time spent at the Foundation was spent building my talent acquisition skills while hiring and training students, and developing a new communication program via texting for the entire U of M philanthropic system. In addition, I put my previous telemarketing and retail sales experience to use by getting my real estate license at the beginning of 2022. As an Engagement Manager, I get to combine all my experiences into one to help others reach their goals.

Q: What do you think your biggest strengths are?

I love working with others and fostering strong relationships! I love being able to learn about others– their goals, communication styles, personality types, you name it! However, it makes me the happiest to help others develop themselves and reach their goals.

Q: What's a fun fact about you many people might not know?

I’m an avid baker– I’ve gotten some high reviews for my homemade cinnamon rolls and sometimes my friends even order cakes from me!

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

You can find me supporting my favorite artists at concerts! (This year is capped at 8 concerts!)

Q: If you could choose any other job or profession (regardless of talent and ability) what would it be any why?

I would love to be a writer or a book editor. I love reading and getting lost in a world that someone created (whether it's myself or someone else’s world), or even helping to make someone’s work better through editing.

Q: What are three words that your friends or family would use to describe you?

After surveying my friends and family: Caring, collaborative, and hardworking

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