Recruiting Is Broken — We’ve Fixed It

Inside Talent's fractional recruiting program fills your open positions quickly and allows for a more collaborative partnership, giving you the flexibility that traditional recruiting can't offer. Leverage our unique model so you can hit your company objectives faster.

6.6 days

average time to submit a hire


of recent hires are racially diverse


of candidates placed still employed after 3 years.

How We’re Different

We combine the value of retained search, broad RPO capability, and speed of contingency so you can hire curated talent on demand. We've integrated these features with all-inclusive, on-demand benefits you won't find anywhere else, including:

  • Complete req management

  • Embedded diversity focus

  • Weekly updates

  • Monthly data reported

  • 30/60/90 day post-hire employee check-in

  • Concierge services. Just ask!

  • Client and candidate surveys

  • We can partner with your talent team

Used by the world's most average companies

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Take an in-depth look at how we have helped businesses find the right talent that matches their unique requirements, addresses their challenges, and delivers results that exceed their expectations. 

"I’ve used Inside Talent at four high-growth companies to strategically hire amazing candidates and have yet to find another solution like them. In combination with our internal TA team, they accelerate our ability to land diverse, recruited talent quickly and effectively. I can’t recommend them enough!"



"Inside Talent was instrumental in finding the right candidates for my team as we built a brand new role for the organization. They spent time getting to know me, the role, and the organization and asking thoughtful questions to ensure we were aligned on the talent strategy. Throughout the process they were great with communication, helpful with guidance, and accommodating as our business strategy evolved. A year later we have seen the fruits of their labor with a team full of exceptional individuals thriving in their roles."



"Inside Talent's team has helped Cantel Medical hire 19 people over the last 8 months. Some of the roles had been open for months but Inside Talent jumped in and brought such strong talent that in this last round of hiring I wish I could have hired 3 instead of just one!”



“The team at Inside Talent filled several high-level roles with people who were not on our radar and who were each our top choice! Lori took the time to learn about our culture, stayed in constant communication and wasn't afraid to push for candidates that she knew were the right match."



“Lori is a phenomenal senior talent acquisition leader! She builds fantastic rapport with candidates and balances the needs of our organization. She and her team were able to dramatically reduce our spend on external recruiters while increasing the quality and retention of candidates."



"Inside Talent took on two challenging searches for us that required very specific experience and leadership skills. They came through with two amazing candidates that accepted the positions. If you have a unique or challenging role to fill, they're the group to find the ideal candidate.”



“We had been trying to fill several positions for months with little luck in finding anyone qualified. Within a short period of time,  Inside Talent had multiple qualified and interested candidates. They did a great job on attracting good candidates and matching them well for the expectations we had. Inside Talent has been a great partner for us!”



“Inside Talent is a great partner - and a time saver for me! They are incredibly thoughtful at the start of a new project to ensure they understand exactly what I'm looking for, yet still willing to shift during the process. Also, they spend so much time with candidates that I'm confident we're making the right choice.”



“In a tough employment market, Inside Talent really came through for our company. Their recruiters hit the ground running with a tenacious approach to sourcing and proactive candidate prospecting. We had several positions that were difficult to fill, and Inside Talent identified great people and helped us make some amazing hires.”



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September 29, 2022

5 Reasons a Recruiter Might Pass Over Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an important platform for business professionals to network and promote themselves and an extremely powerful tool for job seekers. It's a great way to connect with industry professionals, learn about new job openings, and network with potential employers. It’s possible however that your profile is actually turning recruiters off. Here are five common mistakes that job seekers make on their LinkedIn profiles - and how to fix them.
August 5, 2022

Talent Intelligence Brief | Summer 2022

As we move into the second half of 2022, the seas of change in the world of recruiting continue to move and there are a few trends that are worth keeping an eye on. While some of these topics may be familiar, there’s a lot of new data out there about the future of the workplace. Here are the hiring trends that we’ve found to be at the forefront of the recruiting world as we navigate the rest of the year:
July 1, 2022

Q&A With Andrea Rabe, Lead Talent Partner

After majoring in Psychology in college, I started my career as a Youth Minister and served at two different churches for about 9 years.  I then got married and chose to stay at home with my children for about 12 years.  In those years, I was highly involved with PTA and other social/service clubs and held various Board roles.  After they were all in school, I decided to get back into the professional working world and started putting feelers out for opportunities.  Through a friend and a holiday party, I landed at a recruiting firm very part time in an operations role which transitioned into training and sourcing.  After three years there, I got connected with Lori Freeman and the rest is history!  My father was in the HR for 40+ years, so I had a great background in knowing about the recruiting and HR industry.

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