Q&A With Jamie Simpson, Business Growth and Customer Solutions Leader

Liz Hershey
March 26, 2024

Can you tell us about your professional background and what brought you to Inside Talent?

I've spent the last 15+ years selling professional services, specifically in the staffing and project delivery space. I've had the opportunity to serve small and mid-size companies over the years and have developed a passion for solving all the great problems that come along with significant growth and planning for scale. Inside Talent has a model that aligns with my strategic approach and belief system, delivering all the value and benefits of fractional partnership.

What about your job excites you the most?

The opportunity to work with a Women-owned and run company certainly checks a big box for me. What Lori and the Inside Talent team have brought to market really is one of a kind and I'm looking forward to expanding the reach of our brand. Being able to support companies as a strategic hiring partner really does attack a problem that, when not approached correctly, can affect the entire organization from the bottom line to on-going retention issues.

What do you think your biggest strengths are?

I always say I have the best job in the world; I get to meet people for a living! I sometimes feel like my brain sees the world in people-connections and I genuinely get out of bed excited to see who and how I can make connections for others. I'm a big believer in synergies and that a rising tide lifts all ships and am simply at my best when I get to build, connect and bring new ideas and folks into my network.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to visit new cities with an outline of where and what I want to see, but wander and stumble upon new things, places and people. I love the shenanigans that can be born from an open mind and have some really great memories and stories because I said 'yup'! As a born and raised Minnesotan, I'm also an avid lake-lover and you can find me in, on or around the water as much as possible during the boating season.

If you could choose any other job or profession (regardless of talent and ability) what would it be and why?

Hands down a cold case detective, or maybe an international spy uncovering truths and conspiracies (if that's a thing?!). I'm fascinated with the world of mysteries and unsolved crimes. I'm also convinced that I could win the amazing race - which if you've seen me try to get to a destination I've been to multiple times without Google maps - you would know I have zero shot at achieving.

What are three words that your friends or family would use to describe you? OR Tell us a fun fact most people don't know about you.

I can drive a standard transmission and have had to jump start a vehicle from second gear...on a road trip. There's a pretty great story behind that life-skill and is probably a large part of the illusion that I'd bring any value to the Amazing Race 😉

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