Joy To The World: We Survived 2020!

Lori Freeman
December 18, 2020

“Home for the holidays” has taken on a whole new meaning this year, but we’re still looking forward to cozy downtime with loved ones. Tis the season to reflect on our many blessings (hello, remote work!), recharge our batteries, and revel in the time-honored rituals of the season.

We’re embracing new traditions, too – like our first-ever holiday letter.

To say it’s been a wild year would be an understatement. The pandemic brought significant challenges, paired with an even greater appreciation for our community. Inside Talent centers around people. We feel wildly lucky to continue making meaningful connections with others from the safety of our homes. So many others don’t have that luxury.

Our clients have inspired us this year. More than ever, we’ve admired their ability to think outside the box, their flexible and adaptive mindsets, and their sense of humor. It’s an honor to serve these dynamic leaders.

Likewise, we’re proud of our Inside Talent team. Despite the personal trials of 2020, they’ve continued to invest in the future of the company, our candidates, and our clients. Here are few ways our team has not just survived, but thrived, this year:

·      Lori tried her hand at acrylic painting and wrote her first LinkedIn article. She also welcomed a new pet into her home: “It’s a Peloton, and I love her.”

·      Liz was an early adopter of the bread-baking craze (“I swear I started before quarantine!”) and a late adopter of Schitt’s Creek.

·      Andrea’s whirlwind 2020 included starting at Inside Talent, settling into a new home, and coaching three kids through distance learning. What got her through? Taylor Swift and chocolate.

·      Kai put her speedy typing skills to use this year, grinding during peak times despite her arm being in a cast. She put us all to shame with her new habit of walking up five flights of stairs multiple times per day.

·      Danielle wins the award for most time spent outside – not only did her family take up boating on MN’s 10,000 lakes, they also adopted a dog named Rocky, who takes them for plenty of walks.

We’re saying peace ✌ to 2020 with an attitude of gratitude – and an even better understanding of Zoom settings (thanks Liz!). In 2021, we look forward to vaccines, travel, hugs, and continuing to delight our clients and watch our business grow.

Cheers to the New Year!

Lori, Liz, Andrea, Kai & Danielle

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