How Inside Talent’s Unique Strengths Help Our Clients

August 9, 2023

When a fresh face joins our team, we kick things off with the CliftonStrengths assessment to uncover their top five Strengths. These Strengths often unite perfectly, plugging any gaps and building a strong company. See what our team has to say about their favorite Strengths and how these inherent skills give our clients the winning edge.

Andrea: Individualization, Connectedness, Input, Harmony, Arranger A favorite strength of mine is Connectedness.  I feel the responsibility and harmony of feeling as we are all one living together in community and believe that each of us plays a part in the greater good.  My faith has also played a big role in helping me feel connected with others and the world as a whole.

The strength that I think helps me most in my job is Individualization.  I like to take time to really get to know my candidates and dig into the who, what, & why as it relates to their career aspirations.  Believing we are each unique, I strive to understand their gifts and abilities so that I can best match them to a particular role and client.  Furthermore, understanding our client's hiring needs, company culture, and value system helps me to better connect them with qualified candidates.

Gina: Achiever, Harmony, Significance, Focus, Responsibility

Harmony is my favorite strength because I feel it is the one that stands apart from my other top strengths.  Harmony helps me as a recruiter to find common ground with those I am working with.  Bringing together hiring managers and candidates by aligning them on their shared goals and interests.

Andrew: Analytical, Context, Focus, Intellection, Learner

Intellection is the strength that resonates the most for me, however being a “Learner” would be a close a second.  I have always felt a drive, to make good use of my time and to be productive, which learning clearly is, and of course there is so much to know!  Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise for me.  I like to analyze a problem from every possible angle and every possible perspective and believe that this helps me to understand the reason it exists and how I may be able to solve it. Being able to put myself in the client’s position and better understand their motivations helps me to deliver the best outcome possible for their needs.

Jenell: Relator, Arranger, Discipline, Activator, Harmony

As much as all 5 describe me, I think Activator is most spot on. “When can we start?” is a consistent thought for me with all new ideas and projects. I am very much a “doer” and prefer to jump right in, rather than have multiple conversations about who, what, where & when! I think this strength is why I find most success working within small businesses and on smaller teams. Often times “I don’t know, what I don’t know” until I get started and working in smaller organizations gives me the ability and flexibility to research and figure out the right path to take. Failure will occur, but lessons are learned.

Liz: Learner, Input, Intellection, Deliberative, Analytical

All five of my strengths complement each other well, but Input is my favorite and the one I think contributes most to my work on the Inside Talent team. This strength has given me the desire to always be learning something new and pushes me to dive into new areas. I love the ability to pull random facts out of my back pocket. I’m the go-to person for research and finding information and statistics to help our clients. I would say Input is also what pushed me to expand our social media presence and really put our expertise as a team out there.  

Lori: Relator, Individualization, Activator, Futuristic, Focus

As the leader of a company with an innovative recruitment model, my strength in envisioning futuristic possibilities is the foundation. This strength allows me to drive the company forward by constantly seeking out innovative strategies. We’re particularly effective when it comes to collaborating with clients who are open to challenging norms and eager to explore new horizons. On the flip side, in StrengthsFinder terms, my biggest ‘Yuk’ situations are environments stuck in the past or content with the status quo.

We have a team who dream big and see possibilities and I love being part of it. Seeing companies grow through our partnership is a huge Yay for me!

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