Top Interview Tips From the Recruiters at Inside Talent

Liz Hershey
August 25, 2021

Can you feel your palms getting sweaty and heart racing? We get it, interviewing can be stressful! But don't worry - our recruiters have decades of experience walking candidates through the hiring process. And they've learned a lot over the years about what you can do to impress on interviews. Here's some insider tips from them on how to make sure that next goes even smoother:

1. Always research the company ahead of time and have a couple of questions ready to show you’ve made the effort to learn about them.

2. Dress to impress! Even for Zoom interviews. Double check your appearance in the mirror just before.

3. Read the job posting again before the interview to refresh yourself on the key skills and experience they are looking for and prepare some talking points.

4. This should go without saying but be kind to everyone you cross paths with if you are interviewing in person, especially the receptionist! Don’t forget to smile!

5. If you know who you will be interviewing with, look them up on LinkedIn and familiarize yourself with their experience and background. Maybe there’s some type of connection you have with them you could bring up.

6. Send a thank you note to the recruiter and hiring manager, so few people do this anymore that this will really help you stand out! Every hiring manager we’ve worked with has been impressed by this.

Now that you know what to do, here are some things we know you would never do, but just in case…

· During a video interview, don’t forget to turn on your video function, avoid bad lighting and any other distractions. Schedule your own meeting as a trial run.

· Don’t be late! Doesn’t hurt to do a drive by a day or two before an in person meeting.

· Remember the names of the people you are interviewing with. Use them. People love to hear their own names.

· Don’t swear during an interview. Never. Ever.

· Turn off your phone and notifications before. Be present.

Feel better? Being prepared with these tips will put you ahead 90% of your competition. You got this!

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