Top Resume Tips From the Recruiters at Inside Talent

Liz Hershey
October 15, 2021

Are you just starting to search for a new job after years in your current position? Has it been a while since you’ve updated your resume? Looking for your fist job out of college? No worries! Here are the best tips our recruiters have to offer when writing your resume.  

  1. Have a "clean look" to your resume - easy to navigate, attractive - use bold, colors, different size fonts. Don’t let your name and contact info take up a lot of space at the top – keep it brief.
  1. Be mindful of what you put in the top 1/3rd of your resume – this is the most valuable real estate!  Recruiters often only take a few seconds to initially review each resume and you want this top 1/3rd to capture their attention and want to read more!
  1. Put a 10,000-foot level overview of your experience towards the top along with a section of keywords around skills/experience/expertise (this keyword section is also helpful with more sophisticated Applicant Tracking Systems that rank your resume based on keyword matches).
  1. Include a company description (what does the company you worked for do?) – don’t expect recruiters or hiring managers to have to go out of their way to find out.
  1. Show what you were responsible for as well as at least one accomplishment under each work experience.
  1. Include any volunteer, community involvement, hobbies, and/or awards you've achieved - this gives hiring managers a nice sense of your well-roundedness.
  1. Selectively edit your resume to remove the clutter and unnecessary words.  Weed the garden so the good stuff really shines and keep it to 2 pages if possible.
  1. Ask at least two people (especially those with a strong eye for detail) to review your updated resume for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Does the resume writing process feel less daunting now? We hope so!  

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