Health Plan Advanced Startup


  • new TA leader with no internal recruiting staff
  • multiple leadership roles open
  • critical work on hold due to open roles and bandwith of existing team
  • heavy reliance on search firms


  • reduced recruiting fees by 60%
  • single point of contact for roles across all departments
  • identified, engaged, and hired their first recruiter
  • filled 7 leadership roles in under 40 days
  • 100% of roles filled with passive talent

Titles Filled: 

  • Director of Customer Operations
  • Director of Product Operations
  • Director of Stop Loss Operations
  • Head of Health Plan Administration
  • Manager of Project Management
  • Pharmacy Operations Manager 
  • Product Owner - Mobile
  • Senior Recruiter
  • Regional Team Manager
  • Account Management
  • Senior Manager of Compliance
  • Strategic Product Manager